LEED Green Building Certification

Loftus Masonry can be a valuable partner in a LEED® certified project.  We have taken our reputation for attention to detail and developed it to a greener level to help our customers move through the LEED® Green Building Certification process smoothly.  With masonry becoming an increasingly important part of a greener building future our significant experience in LEED® projects benefits you.

Loftus Masonry understands the importance of successfully achieving your commitment to your customer by acquiring the materials which best fit the project’s needs.  By selecting products to satisfy the environmentally conditional building requirements of LEED®, while maintaining a high level of quality and flexibility in their applications.

·      Project management and documentation

·      Evaluate materials and resource opportunities

·      Waste management and recycling

Together we can establish a framework in which each of us makes a strong contribution to improving the quality of life for all those around us.